Product Upgrade for Businesses to More Rapidly Meet Digital Demands

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airSpring Software releases key features for developing customer-facing applications involving form and document processes. 


LEXINGTON, Kentucky, November 7, 2017 — Consumer expectation for a digital world has changed the playing field for how businesses communicate with their customers. The ability to provide a positive user experience, with all content, across any mobile device is the norm. And for most industries, forms and documents continue to be the principal interface for getting work done. airSpring meets this challenge by enabling developers to build and run applications, APIs, and services to automate customer-facing forms and document processes. With the 3.0 product upgrade, airSpring incorporates key platform features to further simplify and expedite the development of business-critical web applications and services.  


“airSpring continues to provide our customers the ability to rapidly create business applications that deliver a truly digital customer experience,” said Neal Gottsacker, president and CEO of airSpring Software. “With release 3.0, our customers will be able to create more modular applications and services to further improve upon their time to market.”


In addition to a comprehensive set of functionality around all aspects of form and document processing, the 3.0 platform now includes updates to the following:


Application Editor Interface

A complete redesign of the Application Editor user interface makes it easy to find and edit views, data sources, and web service endpoints. One key feature is that changes are now queued up rather than auto saved, reducing the amount of time to make multiple changes. With the assistance of standard prompts, the user has the ability to control when to save. This also makes it easier to find the views, endpoints, and datasets by eliminating the need to search through sub-menus.


























Editing Service Endpoints

The user interface has moved to a full screen layout with the additional feature to define parameters for each endpoint. These include analytics in order to get an easy overview of the responsiveness and usage of an endpoint.  






Reusable Components

A list of reusable components is now provided outside of all applications, with each component opening in its own Designer window for making edits outside of any application that makes use of the reusable component. Any changes made to a reusable component will carry across all instances where it is being used.


Email Layout

A new email layout providing consistent styling across email client is included in this recent update.


While businesses are trying to achieve truly interactive applications that can deploy to any end-user device, IT departments know their legacy systems cannot provide this type of connectivity and are actively seeking alternatives such as airSpring. The goal is to make it easy to seamlessly incorporate form and document processes into customer-facing applications.


Read airSpring's 3.0 release notes for more detail, or try out our sample services



About airSpring Software

Headquartered in Lexington, KY, airSpring provides a WYSIWYG platform for developers to build and run applications, APIs, and services to automate customer-facing forms and document processes. Digital transformation with legacy systems can be a lengthy endeavor. By allowing developers to create, prefill, extract data, and automate processes as a service within a larger application, airSpring provides an opportunity for businesses to more quickly modernize the customer experience.


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